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January 7, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Small Businesses Fail

New York Times
JAY GOLTZ, On Wednesday January 5, 2011, 2:05 pm EST

One of the least understood aspects of entrepreneurship is why small businesses fail, and there’s a simple reason for the confusion: Most of the evidence comes from the entrepreneurs themselves.

I have had a close-up view of numerous business failures — including a few start-ups of my own. And from my observation, the reasons for failure cited by the owners are frequently off-point, which kind of makes sense when you think about it. If the owners really knew what they were doing wrong, they might have been able to fix the problem. Often, it’s simply a matter of denial or of not knowing what you don’t know.



October 23, 2010

5 Steps To Creating A Successful Workplace

Creating a Successful Workplace
One of the keys to being an effective manager is to have an approach and philosophy that is consistent and visible to your employees. In fact, every business should take the time to establish a management philosophy for all supervisors and managers to follow that will foster a productive and successful working environment.



October 11, 2010

PersonalBrain 6 Provides One Click Publishing and Powerful New Synchronization to Share “Digital Thinking” Across Multiple Platforms

Marina del Rey, CA – October 5, 2010 – TheBrain Technologies, the leading provider of dynamic visualization and knowledgebase software, announced its newest release, PersonalBrain 6, which augments PersonalBrain publishing and provides synchronization of Brains across multiple platforms and machines. Like the human mind, with PersonalBrain, users can make associative connections so ideas and files [...]



October 10, 2010

Global Code of Business Ethics

“Ethics must begin at the top of an organization. It is a leadership issue and the chief executive must set the example.” Edward Hennessy Good news for multinational companies: Globalization is creating more universal standards of business conduct and these are becoming more rigorous. As more companies adopt these standards, every multinational will be motivated [...]


Pearls of Wisdom
You reap what you sow. Humility and the fear of the Lord bring wealth and honor and life. He who loves a pure heart and whose speech is gracious will have the king for his friend.