5 Steps To Creating A Successful Workplace

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Creating a Successful Workplace
One of the keys to being an effective manager is to have an approach and philosophy that is consistent and visible to your employees.

In fact, every business should take the time to establish a management philosophy for all supervisors and managers to follow that will foster a productive and successful working environment. A successful workplace will incorporate the following:

  1. Have goals for management and employees to strive for: Define the desired outcomes for your business/department/workgroup. Ensure the outcomes are measurable and the justification is clear.
  2. Reward results: Try not to focus on the time spent on a project. Instead, reward an employee or team that produces excellent results in a normal workday.
  3. Encourage balance: Many businesses want to be the number one priority of their employees. However, if an employee gives up family, friends or hobbies just to be at work they will burn out quickly. If you encourage balance during normal workloads, your staff will be more likely to put work first when it is really necessary.
  4. Hold your teams accountable: It goes without saying, but treat your employees like adults. Excuses and complacency should never be tolerated. By holding workers accountable, most people will do what is expected of them and either meet or exceed outcomes.
  5. Provide continuous feedback: Many companies function based on annual reviews. However, this is a long period for an employee to go through without knowing how they are doing. Mix positive feedback with areas of improvement all throughout the year. This will give them guidance to continually improve.

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