Wolfgang Kovacek

Wolfgang Kovacek is an entrepreneur, producer, director, manager, consultant, web and communication executive.

  • Founder and CEO of Unlimited Nextwork Group Inc., a communications company he founded in 1999.
  • Co-Founder/CEO of Symbionic, Inc. a Financial Management/Holding Company founded in November, 2008. The focus  is on Entertainment Properties, Green Projects and International Banking.
  • CEO of International Commercial Credit Corporation (ICCC),
  • Web specialist and communications advisor to many of his clients
  • Serves on several Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards in the market place as well as in Non-Profit organizations.
  • Nextwork’s clientèle encompasses UBS, one of the world largest financial institutions, First Financial Bancorp, Harvest International Ministries, Hero Appreciation Network, HRock Church, Coco Eco Magazine and many others.
  • Founder of Hispowerportal.com, an online Christian Portal /Social Network
  • Responsible for the development of a prayer software with over 300 partners and 6000 participants.
  • Executive Producer and Director of “Hollywood Transformation”, a 42 Minute documentary about what God’s plan is for Hollywood and the entertainment industry. He was invited to South Africa to present the video at the International Prayer Council. The video “Hollywood Transformation” was nominated for the ADAM award at the Sabaoth International Film Festival in Milan, Italy in the category “documentary”.
  • “Networker of the Year 2007 for Pasadena” Award by Worthwhile Referral Sources, Southern California’s largest business networking organization.
  • Co-Founder of the Business Networking Group PowerTippers.
  • Wolfgang and an inventor from Romania won a Gold Medal in 2006 in Pittsburgh at America’s largest inventor’s trade show for the invention “MySupershelter”, a mobile protective shelter in case of earthquakes.
  • Best sales man of the year in 1998 at Ben Bridge Jewellers in Kahului, HI
  • Executive Director and Founder of Discover Life Festival, a multi-cultural festival with 32 participating nations on the Donauinsel, an island in the centre of the river Danube in Vienna, Austria. He was responsible to bring for the first time after over 80 years an official delegation of 22 people from Hawaii to Vienna which was received by the Vice Mayor of Vienna.
  • For 11 years (1986 to 1997) Wolfgang was a leading influence at the Vienna Stock Exchange, where he worked as a specialist on the floor of the Vienna Stock Exchange heading up the 7 most heavily traded stocks of Austria for over 7 years. All national and international banks and brokers belonged to his customers. During these years Wolfgang was used to trade hundreds of millions of $ on a daily basis through his account.
  • Wolfgang holds an MBA Degree from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (1985) where he specialized in Advertising and Market Research.
Pearls of Wisdom
You reap what you sow. Humility and the fear of the Lord bring wealth and honor and life. He who loves a pure heart and whose speech is gracious will have the king for his friend.